Thursday, March 26, 2015

Moroccan Oil, Redken, Ben Nye, Clinique, Clean Apothecary HAUL

Just a nice little haulage for you. :). I'm really feeling Moroccan oil products right now. They leave my fine limp hair so full of body and life. Plus, it smells divine! The frizz control really helps to tame frizz and block humidity. While the glimmer shine really adds a beautiful non greasy sheen to the hair, enhancing your current hair color at the same time.

The Redken pillow talk is one of my new favorites as a primer for the hair during blow drying. It cuts down drying time in half, and gives the hair subtle conditioning and shine all while adding heat protection up to 450°.

The Ben Nye banana powder is just a recurring purchase for me. Since I love it so much to set my concealer and highlights, I decided I'd try some more products from the line of luxury and translucent powders. I got banana, dark cocoa, and topaz. The topaz I use to set my whole face, or just my concealer when I'm feeling a slight subtle highlight. The dark cocoa I got so that I can contour with my powder foundations. When I use powder foundation I use powder contour, and when I use liquid foundation I use cream contour. I feel when you use "like"with"like" it blends better as opposed to using powder foundation and a cream contour you get "streaks" and it doesn't blend as well, if that makes sense. I was a little disappointed in dark cocoa. It was extremely hard to blend into my skin for contouring. I'll try a different technique now that I know how it works. I'll give it another go, and hopefully I'll have better luck next time. :)

Clean Apothecary....mmmmmmmm... I love the way this stuff smells! I got a 2 oz. In the scent of grapefruit. This my dear is an all natural brush cleaner made of goat's milk. They have a goat milk formula which is intended on whitening brushes. And they have an olive oil formula intended on conditioning your brushes. Whichever you choose, you won't be disappointed. This cleans so well with just the wetting and a couple of swirls of the brush. It really takes out the "leg work" of brush cleansing. The scent isn't too strong. It's just enough to actually make you feel like you enjoy washing your brushes! :)


Oh yeah, and that's my Clinique acne solutions. I breakout from time to time and,uh. It really helps with that, ha. I've been using it for years. It's good stuff. This is just a repurchase as I ran out, but yes, I do use the complete set. Daily. 

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

My new Zuca Artist Pro

I've wanted a new case for a while now as the makeup/stylist train case I have is falling apart. :(. I researched long and hard and heard many great reviews about the Zuca brand. One thing about me is that I love shopping around for good deals. When I tried to look for a deal on these bags I couldn't find a "deal" that I felt secure with. When I invest in certain products, especially high priced items as this, I like the security of having a warranty and return/exchange flexibility if the issue ever arises. With that being said, I just decided to go ahead and purchase my Zuca directly from the source itself.

Now check this out. I go online to pay for my bag, and my card kept declining! I'm like wtf, I know there's money on here. So I call up my bank and we "fix" the problem at hand....or so we thought because when I entered my info again my card declined again! At that point I'm like wtffffff. So I took a few breaths (Insert inhale/exhale here) told the devil get thee behind me, picked up my phone and called Zuca.

The representative on the phone asks for my name blah blah, you know so I can buy my dearly beloved. I say Sephora (cuz duh, that's my name) then she goes on to say how the Sephora retailer and makeup artists and stylist love Zuca bags. At that point I inform her that that's my intended use and purpose for the bag. Then the great Lord from up above spoke to this woman and she said, "Sephora, you were meant to call me today. We offer makeup artists/stylists etc. a 25% discount on all of our products!" Ta daaa! The deal I had been looking for all along! Isn't it funny how when you just let go and let God, good things happen!?! So when she said that, I decided I'd add the seat cushion as well since I was expecting to pay more in the first place.

The total price I paid for the Mystic Black Zuca Artist Pro case and seat cushion was $175.50. All orders over $100 get free shipping. There are so many pockets to this thing, I don't even think I've discovered them all. Now that I've ordered the case, I feel like I need the stylist backpack to go along with it. I think I'll also need one that I can use as a dual purpose for traveling and such, ooooo and I can get one for my daughter since they have cool designs. Oh! And the wheels light up! Its so exciting! have created a monster. Thank you for such an amazing case. I'm amazed by your top notch customer service. Keep it up!

Ombre Pravana ChromaSilk Neon Pink

So, this young lady comes to me with a picture of a woman with level 2 hair and deep magenta ombre at the ends. (Insert black stare here). I recommended something with pop, but still subtle. So I decided to keep her natural level 8 and lighten the ends with Redken blond dimensions 20 vol developer. Then tone the ends with Pravana ChromaSilk Neon Pink. I let that sit for 30 minutes (no heat). And viola! I got this. You like?

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Guess who's back!?!

And look who I brought with me!? Sike, she was always there (my daughter). I've been on hiatus. School and work took a priority for a minute, but now I'm back to dive into some beauty blogging! I dunno, I thought I had lost my motivation there, but Im ready to get it back.

I've actually been thinking about not only just blogging about makeup and hair, but my travels as well. I made it a goal of mine to travel more in my figure, as there are soooo many places that I want to visit and experience.

I've got so many wheel turning in my head this time around, and I'm not going to just sit on it, I'm gonna be like a Nike sign and just do it! So be ready, and stay tuned. =) XoXoXo


Eyes: Naked 3- Dust( inner corner), burnout(lid),nooner(crease), darkside(outter corner)

Liner: Mac fluidline blacktrack (upper lash line and wing)
-Urban Decay Ransom on waterline

Mascara: Benefits They're real

Face: Kat Von D Lock it tattoo foundation in 66

Cheeks: Inglot ( I don't remember the name, sorry:*

Lips: Urban Decay Sheer Revolution

Saturday, February 8, 2014


Eyes :
Naked 3 palette
-Buzz on lid
-Mugshot in crease
-Darkside in outer V
-Strange in inner corner
    -Mascara- Kat Von D Sin Full Lash

-Kat Von D Lock it Tattoo foundation 66


-MAC Tarte & Trendy
-NYX Plum liner

Sunday, December 22, 2013


Today's look was done with sugarpill's burning heart palette.

Kat von d eye primer
Mac blackrack fluidline liner
Benefits they're real mascara
Nyx jumbo pencil in milk on inner and outer third
Nyx jumbo pencil in red in middle third

Yellow on inner corner
Orange on inner third
Red on middle third
Purple on outer third blended into crease
Any black lightly blended into outer v

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Nars Guy Bourdin

This palette is not necessarily a must have, but it is definitely worth it for the amount of product you receive for your money. This was just a tiny haul that I did. This soap and glory hand food has been a staple favorite of mine for a while now. It's smells beautiful, and does exactly what I need it to do without being too greasy. 

Now, back to this blush palette. :). You receive six .14 oz. of product in each pan. I bought the 
palette for about $65. Not bad considering each full sized palette individually costs about $29 bucks a pop. The colors, as with all of nars blushes are all pigmented and have great 
color payoff. I think every company does this thing where they have a popular item that everyone buys and then they just repeat that favorite color or item in every palette they come out with :/ *blank stare*. The COLORS in 
this case would be laguna and orgasm. Don't get me wrong, they are beautiful, but you can't be that lazy to not want to come up with something else and then just repeat a staple classic color. With that being said the colors and their descriptions are as follows:

Devotee (highlighter)
Mistinguette (bubblegum pink)
Deep throat ( slightly shimmery peach )
Laguna (bronze with slight gold shimmer)
Orgasm (peachy pink with gold shimmer)
Goulue (medium pink)

I have worn the palette a couple of times but I'm so horrible with pictures! I forget to take pictures at parks even when I know I meant to specifically take pictures and the camera is in 
my hand! When I do remember ( if ever). I give this palette an A. Just because I like it, duh.

Do any of you have this palette? How do you like it? What do you like most? Like least? Comment below! Mwah! :* xoxoxo 

P.s. I know I have a.d.d. y'all. 
So if my posts confuse you because they're so choppy. .. ummm, I'm sorry :) :*

Thursday, October 24, 2013

EOTD Creme de Couture - Violet Sunset

This is just a quick look I did with the creme de couture palette. I already had worn a simple natural day look for the day, and that's probably why you see eyeshadow all over my lashes. Overall I love the consistency of the shadows. I can't complain about the color payoff. The shadows are smooth and have a lot to offer as you can come up with an array of looks with all these colors. The pastels really create a dreamy look to the eyes. This purple combination worked very well with my caramel complexion. Would have looked even better in a complete look with some lashes! I can't wait to create more looks and post them for all to see. Stay tuned!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Creme de Couture

I loved the bright colors when I first saw this palette. I figured I could probably get the same colors from maybe coastal scents or bh cosmetics. But then I saw the blushes and was like I need that purple! I'm obsessed with people maquillage. So I caved and bought. Now I haven't tried this palette on my face yet. The colors are gorgeous in the palette but appear a little chalky on my skin tone. I have seen tutorials of other bloggers with the colors on and they looked gorgeous! But they were all white girls so maybe it might look different on me. Haha. I will try the palette in the a.m. and see how it goes. Over all the colors are smooth. No shimmers, only mattes including the blushes. There might be slight shimmer in some but not so much to make a difference unless you're picky like that and needed a microscope to find out if there's shimmer. :p. Take a look for yourself and tell me what you think!  Toodles!

Oh yeah and that blush sweet ambrosia...Yeah um. No. I'm not keeping that. It will look bat s**t crazy on my cheeks. Not trying to look like a carcass here. I'm selling it. Whoever wants It let me know Lol.  That color is a no go for darker skin tones fyi.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Goodies: Kat Von D Lock it Powder Foundation & Sephora Perfecting Cover Concealer

This lock it tattoo foundation is the shiz! It does as any normal powder would do, as far as controlling oil, reducing shine etc. The part I love about this powder is that you can work it from sheer to full coverage. Kat Von D has always impressed me from the moment I first tried her products. Her lock it tattoo foundation did so well, that they were constantly sold out in certain shades.With that being said,  she decided to come out with 6 new foundation shades this year (at least I think it's six). The shade that you may be in her liquid foundation will be different than the shade of her powder. I'm a 66 in liquid but a 64 In the powder. It may have to do with the undertones. Who knows as long as I find a shade for me I'm good! Get it, but it, try it!  I guarantee you won't be disappointed! Oh yeah 
and that concealer on the bottom there I bought it on sale for 7 bucks at sephora.  I figured I would use it more to cover up blemishes as it matches my skin tone a little too perfect to be an under eye concealer.I could just use it as a foundation. Who cares it was on sale I liked it I bought it. It works. Hallelujah ,Amen. Let me know if you have tried any of these products and comment below!  Mwah! Till next time!