Sunday, December 25, 2016

Sephora Haulage!

Dammmmmnnn Daniel! Back at it again with another haul. *evil grin* I definitely indulged this cyber Monday. Im no longer a black Friday shopper. That's sooo 2013. I partook in Sephora's "sales". Actually it's more so their deluxe samples. *tehe* I'm a sucker for samples. It gets your foot in the door to try new products with no commitment. Samples are life. Yeahhhh...
Enough ramble and onto the products!

BB Bling.ring kit
I had been eyeing this beauty blender for a while. Of course not for the blender, but for the bedazzled contraption that nestles beneath. My hold off from the beginning was that I felt like I could make any bracelet into the same thing. Well, that never happened, so I bought it. Sadly, I'm thinking about returning it. It's extra cheap .25 cents vending machine ring material. It might turn my BB green. That's how cheap it is.  I have tons of BB's already, so im really debating keeping it only for the bedazzle. I could potentially keep it for the BB itself, since those are the life to my face. It's whatever. Im lazy, so I might keep it.

Stella McCartney POP Eau de Parfum
A deluxe sample!?! Yassssss! I never really care what the samples smell like upon selection,'s freaking free,like who cares? Of course I'd love to love it, but there's this small tiny part of me that sometimes wishes I don't like something so I don't have to spend my money on it. Am I the only one who does that? Show of hands?   The smell is youthful, but not teeny bopper. It's subtle, but noticeable. It's a nice flighty and fleeing scent that follows but doesn't linger. It's a perfect spring and fall scent. Needless to say, I'll definitely be buying a full size once this is over.

Chloe Eau de Parfum
Not one of my favorite scents. Its slightly powdery, and I'm not a fan of powdery scents. It smells nice, and I'll wear it if it's free. Buy it? No.

Derek Lam 10 Crosby
I have a crush on MOST of the Derek Lam scents. My most favorite scent is Blackout, with Afloat coming in at a close second. The scents are all different and they're all daring. I can't say that none of them are my style, or that I wouldn't wear all of the scents if I could. But the way my pockets are set up.....

Smashbox Studio Lighting Secrets
This is a 500 point Sephora reward. I'll be keeping most of the items in the kit with the exception of the contour. It's way too light to contour. Might keep it to blend eye shadow though. At this point, it's too early to tell, and I'm a woman, so I really don't know what I want to do at the moment. Annnnnd that's perfectly OK.

Josie Maran Nourishing Argan Oil Skincare Collection
I love argan oil and I love Josie Maran products! This kit comes with a 1.7oz bottle of argan oil which usually retails for the price of the kit itself! The kit is $49 and comes with deluxe sample sized cleansing oil, face butter, and argan milk, I've been using her oil for a while and it really does wonders for my skin. It keeps my skin supple, helps removes old blemishes, and keeps my skin youthful. I can say the same for the milk. I apply my skincare products from the lightest to the heaviest creams. I use both the milk and the oil during the winter months, while in the summer, I can do well with just the milk.
Buxom Whipped Lip Cream in Centerfold. A great nude for WOC

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