Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Boscia Tsubaki Splash Mask Treatment

Hello again! Went on hiatus again, blah blah. I'm back!

So listen! I really thought this product was really innovative as I've never tried a hydrating treatment such as this one before.

It's splash mask that can be used one of 2 ways: take a bowl of water, and pump 3 pumps of treatment into the bowl. Splash face for 15-20 seconds and don't rinse your face off afterwards. Pat face dry.


Pump 1-2 pumps directly onto a thoroughly wet face after a shower. Don't rinse or pat dry.

I thought this sounded gimmicky. But it was on sale from it's original $38 to $28. Would've never tried it if it wasn't on sale. When I put it to the test,  it is very hydrating. I do this at night and always wake up with smooth, supple skin.  For 28 bucks,  its worth a try!


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