Friday, July 6, 2012

Sigma Synthetic Essential Kit Review

Three words....I LOVE SIGMA! I trulytruly do. I do believe some people hate on Sigma because they think they are " MAC Wannabees", but I honestly feel they have their own original identity as of right now. I say as of right now because I have heard that in the past they may have been more "knock-off-ish", I wouldn't really know the difference in quality between then and now, because I've only just recently began using their products. I know they used to have a numbering system that was very similar to MAC, and heard they just recently changed that late last year. I do own just a couple of MAC brushes, and I must say that I was not too pleased with them. They are special edition, and I have heard that MAC special edition brushes are not so good, so anywhoo, who knows? Being displeased with the MAC brushes I had, I ventured on my search for the perfect brushes, or course they have to fit my needs, and my wallet, and Sigma did just that! The first kit I ever bought from them was the Mrs. Bunny Sigmax Collection, (I will review that later) and I must say I was impressed! It was different because all the brushes are synthetic. I did not think they would do as good as natural bristles but then again each brush, and brush type serves its purpose. Luckily for me it turned out to be just what I needed. So I loved them so much, that I decided to buy the synthetic essential kit. I love it just as much! Face brushes are really important, as they are the key to achieving a flawless airbrushed finish. The qualities I look for in any type of brush are (in no particular order) : 1. Softness 2. Is it irritating/scratchy to my skin? 3. Durability 4. Price . If I had to choose what would be at the top of the list, it would definitely be durability. Let's face it, who likes putting money down a garbage disposal? Any takers? I sure don't! If I pay for something, I'm expecting to get what I pay for, and I want it to last me a loooooooong time. I can see these brushes on my vanity for many years to come, now that I think about it, I have still have some Walmart brushes from 2001 on my vanity.....*crickets*........ But Really for the price of these brushes you get all of these qualities and then some.

The brushes are described as follows:

The Sigmax Synthetic Essential Kit contains eight face brushes specifically designed for a high definition, flawless makeup application. This kit features our exclusive Sigmax synthetic filament, which was created to perfectly apply powder, cream and liquid products onto the skin without absorption into the bristles. The shape, density and height of each brush was designed to complement the different areas and shapes of the face. The Synthetic Essential Kit has everything you need to achieve a perfect and flawless face!

Brushes Included:
F80 - Flat Kabuki: Application of liquid or cream products to flat areas of the face such as the forehead and cheeks.(Perfect for foundation)
F82 - Round Kabuki: Blend mineral products onto the skin.(Perfect for foundation, loose & pressed powder)
F84 - Angled Kabuki: Buff cream blush or bronzer onto the skin.(Good for foundation, applying cream color to cheeks & contouring)
F86 - Tapered Kabuki: Apply cream and liquid foundations onto the harder to reach contours of the face.(Perfect for contouring in hollows of the cheeks, and other soft hollow areas of the face)
P80 - Precision Flat: Stipple concealer on sun spots, blemishes, and other small imperfections.
P82 - Precision Round: Apply eye shadow base or primer onto the lid.( Great for application of cream shadow bases)
P84 - Precision Angled: Apply product to areas such as the sides of the nose and the hollows of the cheeks.( Great for contouring)
P86 - Precision Tapered: Exact placement of concealer in harder to reach areas such as around the eyes and nose, chin, and around the mouth.

Sigma really puts a lot of time into their packaging. It's always something cute, lol. 

Free Sample with every order over $30 or more! Whoot!
Shine Shadow Swatch
Each individual brush comes individually wrapped with plastic for the handle and a vinyl sleeve for the bristles

Do you really need all of these brushes? Nope. But they're soooo cool, that's a good enough excuse to get them all right? I would say about 2 from the mini's and the full size should suffice if you don't want the whole set. The must haves are definitely the F80 and the P86, and mayyyybe the F82. Definitely worth the money.

***I purchased this set with my own money, and my review of this product is my genuine and honest opinion***


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  3. Great review, I really need to get some stigma brushes.

    1. Yeah they're pretty awesome, i'm getting my paws on the new F88 & P88

  4. I love Sigma brushes! I don't think they're "knockoffish" at all. They have great quality for great prices. Please check out my blog! It would make my day if you followed it!

    1. You're very right, very affordable, and high quality. I don't think these brushes have shed on me once

  5. i love sigma! and as of now, i need this kit, iv been eyeing it up for ages now.. darn shipping costs :(

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    1. Invest in them when you can. You will not be disappointed.