Sunday, March 11, 2018

I Dew Care Disco Kitten Illuminating Diamond Peel off Mask w/Silicone Pack Brush

Hello! Do people still read blogs anymore? Or is everyone out here commenting on YouTube videos? Idk. I don't wanna be the one who's like I'm old school but, I miss blogs! Vlogs are cool too, and nothing is the same forever, but this whole vlog and YouTube world has me a little less inspired and less motivated. I think I'm still going to blog forever no matter how big my blogging gaps are, ha! Enough ranting! Let's talk about *drum roll* this thing! This.... this mask! 
Ok so I'm walking through Ulta. Then bam! My eyeballs fall upon this thing. It's a peel off Mask inspired by Korean beauty. I was put off initially because the mask itself is in a tub. Like,whhhaaaa? I have to dig my fingers in there? Get all kinds of dust particles, and Dorito chip left under my finger nail in there? I look to the right of the mask to find this spatula looking device. 💡💡💡💡. Then I was like I don't need my fingers after all! So cool, I buy it and now im here. Blogging. 
First off, I must say the spatula is genius! No messiness. No long cleanup. Running my hands forever under the water to remove slimy mask residue from my hands. Secondly, it spreads the mask super evenly on your face so there's less waste, and a more even layer on your skin for consistent drying time.  
As for the mask itself. It really didn't WOW me. Its not horrible. It doesn't cause excruciating pain to remove. Its just no different than any regular drug store peel off mask. Its great for its exfoliating factor. It feels nice, it's relaxing, and my skin appeared a teeny bit brighter. Other than that. I didn't see fireworks. The mask itself retails for $22, and the spatula is $8. GET THE SPATULA! I know it's called something else... but let's be real. Its a spatula. 

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