Monday, November 14, 2016

Derma E Brand New Packaging!

Hello folks! Sponsored post here, and now that the election is over, you’ll hopefully pay attention to me and my ohhhhh so boring blog posts! * insert cheesy smile here*. Barbara from Derma*E sent some skin care products my way for review of their brand new packaging. Keep in mind that nothing about their formulas have changed. Even though I’ve never actually used Derma*E products, I am familiar with the brand. The Derma*E philosophy is based on Eco-Ethical beauty. The line is cruelty free, GMO free, Gluten free, and Soy Free. So if you’re one of those people that’s allergic to everything, you have every excuse to buy this stuff. Compared to previous packaging, the new packaging offers a simpler sleeker design, with various subtle pops of color based on skin care need. Their hydrating formulas (the ones they’ve sent to me) are color coded blue. The packaging shows their stamp of commitment to eco-ethical quality, their missions, as well as their values. The new packaging insert contains their beliefs and missions as well. Overall, the packaging looks more chic and professional. The previous packaging looked a little tacky, but they’re on the right track with their new look. You can purchase Derma*E products at Ulta, Target, Sprouts/Wholefoods, CVS, Walgreens and many other local natural stores. You can also shop online at FYI. The formula is awesomeness. Thick and hydrating. Oh yeah.
Old packaging
New packaging
Left: Old packaging Right: New packaging


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