Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Sigma Performance Eyes Kit + F88 & P88 Brushes + Free Sample!

I recently received my performance eyes kit in the mail. I haven't been able to use all the brushes as of yet, so i'll just review the ones I have used and just update my post as I see fit once I've used the whole set. My fave brushes so far from the set are the E36 and E46. The E46 is prefect for applying those inner corner highlight colors. I didn't think it would be so useful, but it's like that perfect glove that just fits! The E36 is great at blending in those tight spots, where you don't want to blend up too high. It's also great for adding and blending transition colors into or right above your crease. And those are the only two brushes I have used so far, lol. So far so good though.

On another note, I also got the F88 and the P88 brushes to add to my sigmax collection. Nothing really too different about these brushes from the rest of the set. They are still prefect like the other brushes though, it's just you can never have enough brushes. Even though most of these brushes can perform the same tasks, some can perform a task much easier and simpler than others. The F88 is great at applying foundations, most cream and more full coverage foundations. Since the bristles are so dense, I wouldn't recommend applying with liquidy or watery foundations. The reason being is that these brushes blend so well, that liquidy or watery foundations will just "disappear" into your skin, like literally, lol. Unless that's the type of look you are going for. I would recommend the F50 more more watery or liquidy foundations. It will give a more polished airbrushed look. The P88 pretty much does the same as the P80 it's just angled and is more "ergonomic" because of the slat, if that makes sense. Great brushes nonetheless.

And lastly, I received this wonderful sample of eye shadows! Featuring one eye shadow from each of their signature palettes:  the Dare, Bare, and Flare, palettes. The colors are beautiful, but the formulas are inconsistent. Reveal from the Dare palette is the most favorable of the 3. It's creamy, highly pigmented, and easy to blend. Act from the Dare palette is a beautiful neutral shimmery beige. The pigmentation is not bad, but not great either, still a pretty color though. Now this last color didn't really disappoint me, but I kind of expected more from it. It was not as creamy as the rest, and it took several strokes and digging into the shadow to get some color on my brush. It's a beautiful color, and once it's on, it stays, I just wish it didn't take so much effort to get me some darn color on my brush!

Sigma is pretty new to the makeup world, (since 2009 I believe) that's basically why I'm stocking up on their brushes now, because once they become more and more popular, I believe their prices will go up, and the brushes may become less affordable (hopefully I'm wrong), but that's kind of how business goes, you reel people in, get them hooked, then jack up your prices, ha. That also means they're trying new things, seeing what sells what doesn't, what needs work, and what formulas and designs need work. Do I believe the shadows are gorgeous? Yes. Would I buy the palettes based by the performance of these shadows? No. Will I purchase one of their palettes in the near future if reformulated? Maybe. I would need a sample first though, lol. 


  1. I live here in Atlanta too maybe you can do my make up

    1. That would be awesome! Maybe we cam meet up one day. sa4abeauty@gmail.com

  2. great review! i love your honesty. and wow that's such a great sample, I love the packaging and the colors are just so pretty :)
    but yea, I wish they made their shadows a little bit better as well, we always expect alot from Sigma because they're such a great makeup line. :)
    you have such an awesome blog by the way <3

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    hope you have a fab day hun! ~ xx
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  3. How much is the whole set? Couldn't find it in your post, i need some good brushes

    1. The whole set is $55 plus shipping. But they always have a 10% off coupon that evens out the shipping most of the time.