Sunday, September 23, 2018

Neutrogena Hydrogel Masks #sponsored

Hello to all! So today I'm going to talk about the little spooky masks you've been seeing a lot of beauty bloggers walk around with lately. Some are DIY's and some are bought. Now what makes these masks different is the way they penetrate the skin. I'm no scientist, but I think the barrier it creates helps it absorb more efficiently into the skin???? Idk, blame the ever trending (absolutely necessary) k beauty department. I've tried several of these masks in my lifetime and some were amazing, while some were, meh. Couldn't tell the difference.

I received some samples from Neutrogena by way of BrandBacker. I was sent a radiance boost hydromask (which claims to brighten), a deep clean purifying hydromask (which claims to purify), and a deep clean purifying wash off clay mask ( which claims guessed it! Deep clean).I'm going to get straight to the point with this, both hydromasks made my skin feel hydrated, and refreshed. A cool feeling is imparted while wearing these masks, however I couldn't notice any visible signs of brightening or purification with the masks as they claim. It may be that it's not noticeable with just one use, but as far as my experience with the hydrogel masks themselves, I didn't notice those results in particular.The clay mask is very soothing, and I noticed my pores looked smaller. I had less oil production, and it felt like a fluffy cushion being applied to my face when I put it on.

Keep in mind this is drugstore. So if you want something more potent, with quicker results in a shorter period of time, you may want to up the ante on your budget. These work perfect for a little in between pick me up, no scent, and very gentle on the skin.

You can purchase the hydrogel masks here:


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