Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Valentia Pure Glow Brightening Moisturizer

Hello and welcome! So,you know how sometimes you think you've found the greatest thing ever for whatever it is that you need that thing for, and then you find a new thing that you wouldn't think could be any better than the thing you already have, but it is? (Don't get lost yet, I'm not done). So yeah, this moisturizer right here is THAT thing.
Valentia sent me this moisturizer for review, and no I'm not just saying this because they sent it to me, but this is like a face mask in moisturizer form.
Within about two weeks of use, not only did I notice my skin become brighter, but it became smoother, and tighter and also I noticed a DRAMATIC difference in my pore size. I'm not sure if my skin became smoother because my pores shrank, but that doesn't matter. My face looked like a whipped souffle made of golden speckles and shimmer. Not glitter, but shimmer. My face had this glow to it that wasn't imaginary. It was really me guys, I SWEAR.
The packaging is pretty simple, and efficient. It comes with a squirt pump that releases, albeit, a tiny amount of moisturizer. That tiny bit is really all you need. Of course if you need more, please indulge. I can see this bottle lasting me a really long time and therefore keeping me a happy camper.
I like to take my time with skin care reviews because, welp, it takes time to see results, or if you're unlucky, reactions. The product doesn't irritate, it has no smell, comes in sleek and simple packaging, and most importantly, it delivers.
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