Monday, June 18, 2012

E.L.F Primer vs. Smashbox???

E.L.F Face primer and Smashbox Photo Finish Primer are actually quite the same, but E.L.F primer is less than half of the price of Smashbox. They both contain goodies for the skin. Smashbox contains green tea, vitamins a&e, along with grape seed extract. While E.L.F's site doesn't describe the exact ingredients, it does provide the fact that it is a mineral primer. On the bottom pictures you see the elf primer freshly pumped from the bottle and the last picture it the primer smoothed over my hand. They both do a great job at smoothing the skin, control oil, (neither of them are greasy), shrinking pores, and providing a smooth makeup application. They both also have the same exact consistency, with that smooth velvety silicone feel. There are many products out there that are "high end" and can't perform and there are many products that are "low end" and can out perform higher end products. In this case, I see that no one is better than the other. If you've got the cash to shell out $36 for smashbox, hey why not right? But if you want something cheaper that does the EXACT same thing, without sacrificing performance, why not give E.L.F a try?
Elf Primer just pumped
Elf primer smoothed out


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