Tuesday, July 3, 2012

MAC Ruffian Gold - I Lubbb it!!

I'm pretty short, sweet and to the point with my blog posts, because welp, you can only say so much about a product, or anything for that matter, without people drifting away into thinking about what they're going to eat for dinner mid sentence of reading my post. Or any article. Or maybe that's just me? Hmmm... Anywhoo, this lipstick was the only item that seemed to catch my eye in this collection. I initially didn't find it at all interesting, until I had seen a swatch of how sheer it was and how it can be a perfect addition to any lip color you choose. It can be worn alone as well, topped with some sheer colored, or clear gloss. It's labeled as a frost finish, but to me it's just a nice gold sheen that can spruce up any look. When I look at it, I think of Christmas. With all those gold and silver ornaments going on, I'm pretty sure I can fit this lip color right in. It's pretty festive to me. Although I typically don't go with what's good for spring and what's good for winter, yada, yada ( trust and believe if I feel like wearing goth burgundy black lipstick in the summer, i'll be damned and wear it, I don't really follow trends, I make my own :-) ) I would definitely fit this into a nice winter look. Now onto the actual lipstick. Think of a clear balm with tiny speckles of glitter. That's Ruffian Gold. It goes on sheer and see through making it very versatile. It does have that gritty feel because of the glitters, but nothing too bothersome.



  1. That looks beautiful!

    Would appreciate it if you checked out my blog.


  2. i have to get my hands on this lipstick! cute blog and i love your name btw. looking forward to more posts! :)


    1. Indeed! It's so versatile, you can be so creative with this. Thanx for the compliments, and stay tuned!