Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Nars Aigle Noir Soft Touch Shadow Pencil Review

When I first saw this pencil in a mini size at Sephora, I figured I had to have it. At first swatch, I was in love, it was nice and soft, and featured nice gold flecks amidst a what seemed to be a semi satin dewy finished black. Plus it was a mini size that I could try out for only 10 bucks, where could I go wrong? I am getting a deal because the full sized pencil retails for $24. Off to the counter I go along with the Sephora brand Prisma Chrome shadow to purchase my brand new shadow pencil. I decided I wanted to do a nice gold and black look with the prisma shadow and this pencil. Within 2 seconds, I kid you not of putting this shadow on my creased. No biggy, I usually layer my cream shadows anyway, even though I was a little let down for such a high quality brand. When I went to layer some black shadow to smoke out the color, it looked so patchy and uneven. It took me FOREVER to try and fix my shadow. I had to go to work and it wasn't blending right. I finally got it to work though, I basically blended my brush hairs to the ferrule to get everything to come together. But who has time for that? Fail Nars...Fail... I do love their blushes and highlighters though. :-)


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