Thursday, February 4, 2016

NYX Liquid Lingerie & Ombre Blushes

NYX has been on the come up for some time now. I remember when they were nobodies with cheap packaging, and now they just sell out like Twinkies on the fourth of July.

These liquid lipsticks are so far so good. Being as though I haven't worn them for more than.....5 seconds to swatch these photos, I can't currently give a review on wear time as of yet. Stay tuned though.

I bought the liquid lingerie lipsticks in teddy, beauty mark, exotic, and embellishment. They dry down to a nice moisturizing matte finish. I did notice that the colors tend to deepen once completely dried. They do have a weird taste though...whatever.

So far,I can't complain! I love the color selection and that anyone of any skin color can obtain a skin suiting nude. My faves are exotic and beauty mark. Exotic is the EXACT same color as my natural lips, something I've never been able to find. And beauty mark is a nice warm brown, while teddy is a cooler muted brown. Embellishment is a cool muted lilac, while exotic is an almost mauve-y neutral red/pink These are definitely a grab for the bargain. They retail for $7. Get it! Cuz I said so.

Now onto these blushes! Haven't tried em. Lol, but they're gorgeous. NYX has wow'd me with their packaging. From the bag to the box, just perfect. I tried to pick up the most "black skin"friendly colors. I think I did very well. The texture is creamy and you can mix the colors, or wear them separately. Some of the lighter colors make for a great highlighter. The sell for $10, I'd definitely say get it. Why not?


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