Wednesday, February 24, 2016

ELF Haul

I've been on a roll with these hauls. I need to stop! But, I kinda don't want to. Hmmm. Any who! I ordered some stuff from ELF and although I'm missing two items ( because they messed up my order :/ ) the products are great quality for what you pay for.

So far I'm really loving the bronzer palette ( each color is interchangeable), I looooove the face massager (ahhhh) , and I'm super excited to try out the cleaning gel (I'm obsessed with oil/gel cleansers).

Now those HD blushes, OMG, can we say pig-men-teeeeddddd honey. Yassss. I don't know what the wear time would be for these, but the lawd Jeheesus is my savior, these things are pigmented. I'd imagine a long wear. Seems like a great dupe for the the MUFE HD blushes.

Some of the items were free with a $25 purchase, such as the translucent powder, the lip balm, retractable brush, cream pot eyeshadow, and liner (which is surprisingly pigmented and smooth)

I'm gonna go play with my goodies now!


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