Sunday, February 14, 2016

NYX Lip Lingerie in Bedtime Flirt

I was regretting that I didn't purchase bedtime flirt when I purchased my first order of the lip lingeries. Then I realized they were sold out when I placed my first order, so I didn't feel so bad and guilty after. I needed to order more lip liners anyway. Before I fully checked out,I was like, let's see if she's back in stock, and voila! Bam baby. So I bought it and omg. I love it. Yoooo, like, omg. I feel complete. I just, it's indescribable. *tear*. I just wanna thank God...But really. This is the perfect nude pinky shade for ANY skin tone. I did pair it with NYX cappuccino lip liner btw. But, yeah, must have for the price. Like, for real lol.


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