Sunday, February 21, 2016

Bronner Brothers February 2016 Haul

Per the norm, I usually attend the Bronner Brothers show at least once a year every year. Every other year I stock up on the flat irons and blow dryers, because of course,I can't live without them. I always have a set for me and then another set for my clients, plus a backup. Always.

I noticed Morphe brushes and Crown Brush making a presence in the last two years. So, of course I stopped at their booths. I purchased the 35w palette, and the contour palette. On their website, each palette retails for about 20 bucks (on sale). At the hair show each palette was $15, plus I also purchased (not pictured) a contour crease brush and a fluffy powder brush that I'll most likely use to blend my powder contours into the hollows of my cheeks.

I've kinda stemmed away from Mizani True Textures, and went full force with DēvaCurl (totes loooovvves). Now I'm a Dēva girl. But this deal at the booth was too great to pass up ($45). The fact that they've reformulated the formula coupled with the deal price is what lead to my purchase. I felt the original formula left me with occasional flakes, and since my hair is fine,I felt the product left my hair weighed down. I'm willing to give them another shot. But if I don't like it,I won't be repurchasing. The set does come with shampoo, 3 conditioners, and 4 styling products.

That's really all! I did end up using the morphe palette today, and so far so good. I wouldn't say it's the best palette, but what you get for the money is a steal. The shadows were inconsistent as some were AMAZING, and some were, blah. But nonetheless, you can't go wrong.

Did anybody go to the BB Show? Anyone planning on going?

The lip I'm sporting below is NYX Lip Lingerie In bedtime flirt with NYX lip liner in cappuccino. Eyeshadow is Morphe 35w. 


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