Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Poppy Austin Rose Water& Vitamin C Serum

I was searching Amazon.com for rose water, and stumbled upon this gem of a kind. Well, if you're lucky, it's definitely a gem. (I'll get into that in a minute)

Rose water provides a multitude of benefits for the skin. It calms, soothes, brightens, and helps return the skin to its natural pH balance. There are plenty of manufacturers out there that claim to have pure rose water. Don't be fooled, as they may be full of synthetics, dyes, alcohol, and they may even be diluted, which can give the complete opposite result you may be searching for.

On Amazon they sell for about $20 a pop got a 4 oz. Bottle. My first bottle was amazeballs. The scent was pure heaven. It helped brighten my skin, and left me with fewer break outs. Needless to say I used that baby up, and purchased another. But I wasn't so lucky the second time. Since these bottles of distilled rose water are organically made, the consistency may be a little off as each batch is made by hand and distilled many times. The second bottle smelled like roses.....That had been boiled wayyyy too long or something. It just smelled like old, spoiled roses. So I returned it and got another. No biggie. BUT THEN...

I stumbled upon their vitamin c serum. A 2 oz. bottle runs for about $26. Vitamin c is known for its anti aging properties. Poppy Austin's vitamin c serum is listed as a refined infusion of naturally derived and organic ingredients. Including vitamin c, jojoba oil , & hyaluronic acid. The consistency is that of "thick water" it dries with no film, may become a bit sticky while patting it into the skin, but that goes away once completely dried. This left my skin brighter, smoother, and definitely more plump and hydrated.

These products are reasonably priced for what they have to offer and how well they perform. I know not everything works for everybody. But,I have a good feeling about this stuff.


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