Saturday, September 7, 2013

NYX Rouge Cream Blush

NYX Rouge cream blush is a perfect alternative to any prestige cosmetic cream blush. My moto is to find any and all dupes in NYX. I don't use MAC lip pencils unless it's exclusive to MAC and can't be found elsehwere. Face powders, lipstick,you name it! NYX is my go to drugstore brand. These blushes are very creamy and EXTREMELY PIGMENTED. The red pink color is called red cheeks and the soft orange color is called, welp, orange. They apply easily and aren't sticky or tacky. They would be used great as a base for a powder blush as well. The orange color is very well suited on women of color. Being that I love bright colors the red cheeks color is perfect for me! I must warn that it is so easy to over kill this color. It's that serious! I haven't tried these bushes on for a full day, so I can't comment on staying power. From the looks of it, I'm pretty hopeful it will go above and beyond for what is worth.


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