Saturday, January 16, 2016

My Makeup & Skincare Essentials

I knowwwwwww, don't tell me. I have a lot of holy grail products that I use, because, well, the world would end without them, duh. 

I was contacted by Samantha from about my makeup essentials. I thought I'd throw in some skincare as well. Why not? 

The items listed here are my ABSOLUTE, I WILL DIE IF I DON'T HAVE THIS products. Without further a are my must have essentials.
This, this right here. * claps to the lord almighty*. L'oreal magic nude liquid powder in classic tan. This is a fair priced foundation that makes your skin look flawless for what its worth. Too bad it's discontinued. Oh well, I'll continue to haul them on eBay. 

Benefits Rollerlash is literally a thickening curling iron for your lashes. It separates, defines, curls. No clumps, and none of that mascara dusting onto your face throughout the day stuff.

Anastasia Beverly Hills dipbrow pomade in ebony is the shiz. That is all. It will last you a lifetime before drying out on you. Smooth, slick, moves no where. Try it, you'll like it.

Tarte Colored clay CC primer in deep. It goes on lightweight and contains green and purple to brighten and tone skin. Its perfect to wear alone to blur imperfections, or under foundation for a flawless look.

MUFE Full cover concealer. It's water resistant, doesn't crease and even after your foundation has faded, it's the last man standing. 
This is great in that the highlight you want to achieve with this powder is build able. Use it to set your concealer and/or highlight

Becca shimmering skin perfecter in opal. Not too shimmery, but gives a GORGEOUS glow. I use it under my concealer  as well as using it on the high points on my face. It doesn't make much of an effect in person, but when that camera flashes! Gwerrrl!

Becca shimmering skin perfecter- pressed. I layer this on top of the liquid skin perfecter. It gives a truer glow from within when you layer your highlight

I can not, I will not, wear foundation without a primer. This is my staple, and if I forget to put it on, I cry. I wish i was lying...

Clinique emergency gel lotion. I've got acne prone skin. It's super annoying, but whatever. This stuff actually allows me to partially live my life when I have a pimple pop up.

Lush Sugar lip scrub. I wear lipstick, especially matte textured lipsticks, everyday. Lip scrubs are essential for that perfect lip application. Who wants to talk you when you've got crusty dusty lips? No one, exactly.

I've posted about this before. Nope, nothings changed. Still love it.

Josie Maran's infinity oil. I like to use this at night, otherwise I'll turn into a grease ball if used during the day. It helps to remove blemishes and really soften your skin over time. I love it, hence the empty tube.

When I need a deep clean, I use this thing. Your skin is instantly brighter after use. It tingles just right. Just don't use it after you've had some heavy face scrubbing going on.

Poppy Austin rose water. Ahhhh my new fave! The benefits of rose water are limitless. It helps to brighten my skin, tighten and shrink my pores, and the smell is divine!

Boscia makeup breakup oil cleanser. I've been using this for years. I've tried many oil cleansers and always came back to this.It removes the most stubborn mascara, and you don't need that much product to do it either. Hey honey, I'm home!

Clinique acne solutions all over clearing treatment. I use this as part of the 3 step acne clearing treatment. I'm lying, I only use two, but it helps get rid of my pimples for sure.

Josie Maran argan oil. I wanna sing! I'm in love with oils, have I told you that? But I love this oil like no other. Its calming, soothing, fast absorbing, fights aging, and more. 

Garnier skin active micellar water. This is a new one. Although its an extra step in the makeup removal process, I love it because it helps me use less face wash to remove whats left over.

I just love Josie Maran skincare, Don't judge me. Get this, it's awesome. That is ALL. Carry on. 

UD b6 prep spray. When urban decay says its the spray you thought you didn't need until you tried it. They weren't lying! it reduces redness, tightens pores, and has a spiffy cooling sensation.

Clinique oil control cleansing mask. If you have a blemish tonight, put this baby on, and it's gone tomorrow. I SWEAR

This is my daily clarifying lotion. It keeps things from creeping on my face.

My fave pimple eraser! Its best for the ones that have come to a head

Purity cleanser melts into my skin and washes away makeup like it was never there. Super gentle, another try it, you'll like it. 

DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT leave your house without spraying this on. That is an order. Spending all that time on your face so it can melt off? puhhhlease, pfft. This stuff locks it dowwnnnnnn

I used to not like glam glow, because I was like, I don't notice anything, but then I noticed how much moisture it was really feeding my skin, plus and make you tingly awwwwlll ova. A++++

Long list I know. But like it or not, I love it. I always find myself repurchasing these items, Whats funny is they all started off as samples, Hahahaha! Darn you samples! Or not, big up to samples!

Till Next time!


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