Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Sigma Pro Partners

Finally the day is here where you can actually become a pro member and get a discount for sigma products. I figured for a while why they never had a program to begin with. But they finally jumped on the bandwagon, and I couldn't be more happier! Nowadays, you're within half a degree of knowing a makeup artist. Its become a pretty big deal over the past 5-6 years. Social media has given more insight and inspiration into the business, causing many people to hop onboard. From tutorials, to workshops, the possibilities are endless on what you can learn, and how to be successful. That alone is a topic within itself that I'll blog about one day. So before I get off topic. Lets cut to the chase.
There's not much here really, haha! But it's much appreciated to not only become a pro member, but to receive a free gift!  They sent some sample highlighters and eyeshadows, along with my favorite e25 blending brush (my 5th one :p). There's also a membership card for the sigma store (that I'll probably never go to, I live in Atlanta). I did notice the e25 brush is a little different from the ones I have. Instead of natural bristles, the newer one is synthetic. I don't feel it affects the performance of the brush. I have my pros and cons for synthetic and natural for many different uses and reasons. Personally, this one blends the same as the others. *Kanye shrug* ok I'm done. Thank you Sigma! Xoxoxo


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