Wednesday, March 25, 2015

My new Zuca Artist Pro

I've wanted a new case for a while now as the makeup/stylist train case I have is falling apart. :(. I researched long and hard and heard many great reviews about the Zuca brand. One thing about me is that I love shopping around for good deals. When I tried to look for a deal on these bags I couldn't find a "deal" that I felt secure with. When I invest in certain products, especially high priced items as this, I like the security of having a warranty and return/exchange flexibility if the issue ever arises. With that being said, I just decided to go ahead and purchase my Zuca directly from the source itself.
Now check this out. I go online to pay for my bag, and my card kept declining! I'm like wtf, I know there's money on here. So I call up my bank and we "fix" the problem at hand....or so we thought because when I entered my info again my card declined again! At that point I'm like wtffffff. So I took a few breaths (Insert inhale/exhale here) told the devil get thee behind me, picked up my phone and called Zuca.
The representative on the phone asks for my name blah blah, you know so I can buy my dearly beloved. I say Sephora (cuz duh, that's my name) then she goes on to say how the Sephora retailer and makeup artists and stylist love Zuca bags. At that point I inform her that that's my intended use and purpose for the bag. Then the great Lord from up above spoke to this woman and she said, "Sephora, you were meant to call me today. We offer makeup artists/stylists etc. a 25% discount on all of our products!" Ta daaa! The deal I had been looking for all along! Isn't it funny how when you just let go and let God, good things happen!?! So when she said that, I decided I'd add the seat cushion as well since I was expecting to pay more in the first place.
The total price I paid for the Mystic Black Zuca Artist Pro case and seat cushion was $175.50. All orders over $100 get free shipping. There are so many pockets to this thing, I don't even think I've discovered them all. Now that I've ordered the case, I feel like I need the stylist backpack to go along with it. I think I'll also need one that I can use as a dual purpose for traveling and such, ooooo and I can get one for my daughter since they have cool designs. Oh! And the wheels light up! Its so exciting! have created a monster. Thank you for such an amazing case. I'm amazed by your top notch customer service. Keep it up!


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