Thursday, March 26, 2015

Moroccan Oil, Redken, Ben Nye, Clinique, Clean Apothecary HAUL

Just a nice little haulage for you. :). I'm really feeling Moroccan oil products right now. They leave my fine limp hair so full of body and life. Plus, it smells divine! The frizz control really helps to tame frizz and block humidity. While the glimmer shine really adds a beautiful non greasy sheen to the hair, enhancing your current hair color at the same time.
The Redken pillow talk is one of my new favorites as a primer for the hair during blow drying. It cuts down drying time in half, and gives the hair subtle conditioning and shine all while adding heat protection up to 450°.
The Ben Nye banana powder is just a recurring purchase for me. Since I love it so much to set my concealer and highlights, I decided I'd try some more products from the line of luxury and translucent powders. I got banana, dark cocoa, and topaz. The topaz I use to set my whole face, or just my concealer when I'm feeling a slight subtle highlight. The dark cocoa I got so that I can contour with my powder foundations. When I use powder foundation I use powder contour, and when I use liquid foundation I use cream contour. I feel when you use "like"with"like" it blends better as opposed to using powder foundation and a cream contour you get "streaks" and it doesn't blend as well, if that makes sense. I was a little disappointed in dark cocoa. It was extremely hard to blend into my skin for contouring. I'll try a different technique now that I know how it works. I'll give it another go, and hopefully I'll have better luck next time. :)
Clean Apothecary....mmmmmmmm... I love the way this stuff smells! I got a 2 oz. In the scent of grapefruit. This my dear is an all natural brush cleaner made of goat's milk. They have a goat milk formula which is intended on whitening brushes. And they have an olive oil formula intended on conditioning your brushes. Whichever you choose, you won't be disappointed. This cleans so well with just the wetting and a couple of swirls of the brush. It really takes out the "leg work" of brush cleansing. The scent isn't too strong. It's just enough to actually make you feel like you enjoy washing your brushes! :)

Oh yeah, and that's my Clinique acne solutions. I breakout from time to time and,uh. It really helps with that, ha. I've been using it for years. It's good stuff. This is just a repurchase as I ran out, but yes, I do use the complete set. Daily.


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