Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Creme de Couture

I loved the bright colors when I first saw this palette. I figured I could probably get the same colors from maybe coastal scents or bh cosmetics. But then I saw the blushes and was like I need that purple! I'm obsessed with people maquillage. So I caved and bought. Now I haven't tried this palette on my face yet. The colors are gorgeous in the palette but appear a little chalky on my skin tone. I have seen tutorials of other bloggers with the colors on and they looked gorgeous! But they were all white girls so maybe it might look different on me. Haha. I will try the palette in the a.m. and see how it goes. Over all the colors are smooth. No shimmers, only mattes including the blushes. There might be slight shimmer in some but not so much to make a difference unless you're picky like that and needed a microscope to find out if there's shimmer. :p. Take a look for yourself and tell me what you think!  Toodles!

Oh yeah and that blush sweet ambrosia...Yeah um. No. I'm not keeping that. It will look bat s**t crazy on my cheeks. Not trying to look like a carcass here. I'm selling it. Whoever wants It let me know Lol.  That color is a no go for darker skin tones fyi.


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