Friday, October 26, 2012

Think you don't want or need lash assistance? Of course you do!

That all depends. What exactly is the look you are going for? Do you want fuller lashes? Thick lashes? Sparse and thick lashes? Longer lashes? Whimsical lashes? The list can go on. In my early makeup years, I never used lashes as I thought them too extravagant for an everyday or even an evening look. I wou.ld put on my eyeshadows have them blended to perfection, liner in place and mascara to top everything off. Something was missing sometimes though, and I could never figure out what it was. So of course I ignored it and kept doing what I was doing. Then I realized on certain deeper, more dramtic looks, unless I pumped on the mascara, my lashes got lost. Sometimes loading on the mascara was not enough. I took to YouTube and watched all the talented makeup gurus like frmhead2toe, andreaschoice, destiny godley, beatfacehoney, tymetheinfamous, etc. and noticed they added a special touch of a lash strip for most of their looks. I then went out and bought a pair of lashes. I was skeptical I would look like a clown, but I ended up looking marvelous! My eyes seemed more awake and bright and the eyeshadow seemed to come alive.

Of course there are different types of lashes. Some are more natural, and some more dramatic. Then you have a choice between a strip lash or individuals. Individuals tend to give a more natural looking lash as if they are growing from the roots of your own lash. Strips are a little less natural, but can give you the added drama you may crave for a more dramatic look. Individual lashes do last about two weeks. I must advise that I don't prefer individuals for the fact that they may clump together when you are asleep. I remove my strip lashes for reuse every night. This prolongs the use and shape of the lash.

For those of you who have lush healthy God given lashes...I hate you........................................Just kidding! I wish I had your lashes! But really if your lashes are naturally lush. A quality mascara can have your lashes looking dramatic in no time. If you are unlucky like me. Well. There's Ardell, Moda, NYX. Take your pic :-)


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