Monday, October 1, 2012

Tokidoki Pittura Brush Set & Siberia Blush Brush

 I had always seen this brush set on, but never really was THAT interested. I dunno, just because I guess. When the price lowered from $35 to $14, for some odd reason, it seemed to peak my interest, :-). So I caved, and purchased the set along with the Siberia blush brush  I find the names of all the characters to be quite cute, coy and uhhh weird at times. Unique nonetheless. These brushes to my amazement are really soft. I  have not used them as of yet, but I'm banking that they will become some of my favorite brushes. Plus, how can you beat the cute the heads at the end? My thing is, when I store them, I'm not going to store them with the brush facing down. Which means it's not going to look as cute on my vanity since the cute little characters will be on the bottom of the brush container.Poo. Oh well. They're still hot, and I can still show them off when I want and how I want. If you like what you see, cop em while you can. Oh! And another thing! I purchased them from the Sephora store at a local JCPenny. What I have noticed is that the sales vary from, the Sephora stores, and the Sephora JCPenny stores. This brush set is available online, but the blush brush IS NOT. Also, I had made a sale purchase many a time on, only to go to JCPenny and find that that same sale item is $3-$6 cheaper. I'm not saying go out of your way for 3 bucks, but if you happen to be around a JCPenny while you're at the mall searching for UGGS, just pop on in do a little research on your phone. See what's cheaper online and whats cheaper in store. Then you can save that extra 3-6 bucks for a Wendy's meal.....I'm hungry...



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