Friday, September 14, 2012

MAC's Sheen Supreme Tea Ceremony

This color is my usual go to neutral lip. Its a low key neutral beige pink, that will work well with most skin tones, especially with woman of color. The color is not too pale, so it wont wash you out, nor will you need a liner to "tone" it down because it can be worn alone. No gloss, no nothing. It's a sheen supreme lipstick, so it goes on pretty smooth and has a glossy finish. It's very creamy. I wouldn't call it "moisturizing" though. It does not leave my lips dry, yet it does not have my lips feeling completely moisturized. It could just be me, because I'm picky like that. Today I have it paired with my fave liner Iman's Espresso. Voici!


  1. That color looks gorgeous!

    1. Its my favorite everyday go to color. It's just gawwjusss!