Tuesday, September 25, 2012

MAC Yung Rapunxel Amplified Lipstick

I finally got this in the mail today! I had purchased it online, and within minutes of my purchase it was sold out. Not only was it sold out, but my purchase was placed on back order. It was definitely a WTF!?!? moment. I went ahead and gave them a call to see when they would receive the new stock and they told me no more than 2 weeks. Thanks God it didn't take an extra 2 weeks from ordering, but the timing was, meh, O.K. this lip color is perfect for fall. I wouldn't necessarily say this color is "unique" as I'm sure you can find many a dupe for this color. MAC Cyber seems close enough of a color, so if you already own that, you can skip on this one for sure. In the pic I've got it paired with NYX's Black Berry lip liner. Very vampy, but very nice. This color suits women of color very well. If you are on the paler side, I would suggest diluting this with a lighter colored gloss, and a light hand.


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