Thursday, May 31, 2012

MAC'S Seasoned Plum,Ruby Woo,Viva Glam Nicki, and Morange

Gotta love em! The lipsticks are listed in order according to the post title.
  •  Seasoned plum is a Pro Long wear lip color, and is a pretty cool toned purple that looks dramatic, but still pretty with a flash. Without flash it's very nice as well, just more toned down.
  •  Ruby Woo is a very classic matte red described as a retro matte finish. This is not your ordinary red. It's a very cool, I'd say blue toned red? That looks wonderful on most skin tones. The texture of this does make for a tricky application, as you can't really just slather it on, press your lips, and,no,no. The way I like to apply this is by first outlining my lips with the lip color, and then slowly and carefully filling in my lips with the shade making I sure I've paid attention to every curve and line, because if you miss or skip something, it will show. Typically you can't really be as sloppy with anything matte as you can with shimmers and/or gloss. It's easier to tell you've smudged your shiny solid red nail polish, than if you you were to smudge a shimmery red polish....I hope that made sense, ha...
  • Viva Glam Nicki is a satin finish bright pink. It's perfect for summer, and creating nice fun bright looks. I honestly didn't care how it would look on me when I bought it, because I make my lip colors work for me by adding a different shaded lip liner, or mixing it with another lip color, but this actually works just fine on me by itself. This is not for the tame hearted. If you want something fun and bright, there's no harm in giving this a try.
  • Morange is and amplified finish and it is a super bright orange. I don't really spot much coral tone in this, just pure bright orange, and I love it! It's an awesome unique color to have. If there's is unique eyeshadow, lipstick, blush, shoes, whatever, if its different and unique, you better believe I'm on the wagon to get it. As with the viva glam nicki, it's not for the tame hearted, but when you get that itch, go for this :-P

Disclaimer: I am not an affiliate of MAC, all products were purchased with my own personal money, and this review is my honest opinion.


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