Wednesday, August 22, 2012

NARS Liberte Blush

Can you say "OMG this is my favorite blush in the world???!!!???" Yes this is that blush. It's described as a burnished apricot. Very nice, and warm toned. We all know that NARS has the perfect blushes for women of color and this blush here is definitely on that list. I would say if you are too cool toned to steer away from it as it can make you look, kind of, I don't know, tacky? But if you do have a tan or any color or bronzeyness to your skin, this blush just adds that perfect glow. It gives a nice burned sun kissed glow to be exact. As with all NARS blushes, use SPARINGLY because it is pigmented as hell. You barely need to tap your brush in it to get some color, so this is a good investment as it will last you a long time. You can't afford to mess up with NARS blushes when doing your makeup. It's not like " Oh, I put too much, let me get some powder and..." No. you will need to wash your face and start over, or you will look like a clown.Period. I will post pics of how it looks on my nc45 skin soon. Until then, comment away!

MAC's Nymphette Lipglass = Must Have!

You always here about signature staple products on the market, you know everyday products that certain beauty guru's or just regular folks can not live with out? Well this happens to be be of them!  If ever I'm at the mall I always stop at MAC, Sephora, or ULTA (if it happens to be around) just to see whats new. Although this is not a new product, I'm always hearing about it. Before I chose nymphette, I had also tried out Oyster Girl, which is another staple lipglass. It was not as flattering on me as nymphette was, but it was definitely wearable nonetheless. I have been wearing this at least 3 times a week weather it be with or without lipstick. Of course all MAC lipglasses are super sticky but it helps with the longevity of the gloss. This lasts on me for about 3 hours before you start to feel it fade away (without eating or drinking). I will have swatches up soon of how it looks on me, so stay tuned!

Sweet, Straight and Simple

Nothing much to say here. Just one of my regular clients along with then prettiest dollface munchkin you see here. She's so grown and knows exactly what she wants, I just wanted to gobble her up she was so cute. Both of them are natural with extremely thick hair. I used my tried and true Mizani Thermasmooth system on them both to achieve this sleek look.


Here's a look I wore a while ago. I tend to take pictures of certain looks that I do and then I just have them sitting in my camera, and I never blog about it. Bad habit? Indeed. But I've been gone for a min, and now I'm back! Woot woot! So anywho, this "pattern" seems to be pretty popular nowadays with the outer and inner corners the same dark shade and then a pop of color right on the center lid. I decided to give it a go and this is what I came up with on my first try! I don't know why I'm acting surprised though, because applying makeup just comes naturally to me. I love it, it's like painting and I love painting, especially my face! My brother calls makeup face paint anyways, so...yeah. Comment, post, you like? Hate? Could have done better? Same look different color? Just let me know! I hope you enjoyed my post! Mwah! *XOXOXOXO*