Monday, April 27, 2015

FOTD Sigma Creme de Couture

I was feeling extra springy today! It was a beautiful day. Went to the World Of Coke, and visited the High Museum of Art for the first time ever. I live in Atlanta so that's sad I've never been but,alas! Bucket list checked off. Too commemorate this wonderful day I went with Sigma's Creme de Couture palette. It has tons of fun colors. Annnnddd herrrre we go!

Almond pear (inner corner)
Creme de Menthe (center lid)
Lavender Honey( crease)
Cassis (outer corner)

Foundation: Kat von D lock it tattoo in shade 66
Blush: Tarino Tarantino in Candy Cameo
Lips : MAC Please Me and NYX Lip liner in Mauve

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Sephora VIB Sale Haul: Josie Maran, Boscia & More

I caved. As usual. I mean when you get a VIB coupon, and ebates has 4% cash back. It kinda makes you, cave. Haha! So I really used this opportunity to not only stock up, but try new things. I'm really skeptical about paying full price for things I've never tried before. Mainly, for fear of not liking the product, allergic reactions,etc. So the result of that "fear" is that I purchase most of my beauty products in sets. Aside from the fact that they help you save money, they open you up to a while new world of  products!

What I got:
Josie Maran Pure & Free
Too Faced Sugar Pop Eyeshadow palette
Boscia Japanese Cleansing Ritual
Benefit's Blended with Benefit kit
Boscia cleanse & peel trio
Josie Maran Pure Argan Milk
Clinique moisture surge extended thirst relief (100 point gift)

Josie Maran Pure & Free
This set comes with a travel sized argan oil light, infinity intensive creamy oil, bear naked wipes, whipped argan oil in sweet citrus, argan black oil mascara. My staple of this kit is the original argan oil itself. It really keeps my skin supple, and I've even noticed it helps diminish the look of blemishes. Plus it's multi purpose and can be used for cuticle oil, hot oil hair treatments, fly aways, frizzies, etc. The infinity cream can be used in an infinite number of ways, hence the name. I mainly use it on my face as a night cream, but I also use it on my hands before bed after a hot shower as well. It's pretty greasy, and that's why I stick to using this before bed, because I don't wanna leave my grease prints everywhere you know? The whipped cream I've used before but in a different scent. I love the cream, it's very moisturizing. Nothing spectacular, but it does the job and leaves a fresh scent. I haven't tried the bear naked wipes, or the mascara, so stay tuned for a review on those later.

Too Faced Sugar Pop

These shadows are so yummy to look at! It makes my heart skip with joy and think of all things spring and summer and beach! Although I think I have a palette similar to it already,I really don't care. Lol. It's a limited edition spring Lorac palette from a few years ago. I believe I've got a review of it somewhere on this blog. But yeah,I love the colors! One sidenote though...Too Faced has very innovative ideas. I can always get where they're coming from and where they're going, but I feel their shadows are pretty inconsistent sometimes. Some have wonderful color payoff, while others, you may have to dig into a bit more. Whatever. *Kanye shrug* I tried the shadows and the ones from this palette apply beautifully, are pretty pigmented.

Josie Maran Pure Argan Milk
I commend Josie for all of her efforts in creating a product line that promotes work, especially for women, in Morocco. I already am a true fan of her argan oil, and this milk just makes me more of a zealot. I switch up my night routine quarterly. Then I go on a rotation of my staples, and newfound loves. I do this because skin, like hair, can sometimes become accustomed to the same ol same ol, and appear to no longer give the effects they once had in the beginning. Switching up your routine every once in a while prevents this from happening. This milk is an "oil & water" mix. The concoction  of purified water and droplets of argan, is said to help better penetrate and hydrate the skin. Therefore, sealing in moisture for a youthful glow.

Boscia Cleanse & Peel set

I have yet to buy me a full sized Boscia luminizing black mask because I keep getting them in kits. Lol. You really have to layer it on thick, otherwise, you will not be able to peel the mask off of your face. It really helps to draw out the impurities from your skin. Since the mask is black, you can see all the gunk extracted from your face once the mask is peeled. It really does help to brighten your complexion. Give it a go. You won't regret it. :) Next, it came with an exfoliating peel gel. It's a pretty interesting thing this gel. You see, it has these exfoliating agents that bond to the outer layer of the skin to gently remove dead skin cells. It contains aha's and enzymes to firm, remove and brighten. Alert: my face feels some kinda way after rinsing. The exfoliating agent causes the product to "clump"up and the little chunks are difficult to rinse off. I woke up the next morning with these tiny pieces on my face and was like,wtf? It's still a good product, just have to put some more oomppf into rinsing next time I guess. And last but not least, this set came with a detoxifying black cleanser which I have not tried yet, but I have faith that it just might amaze me.

Boscia Japanese Cleansing Ritual set

This purchase is a result of a restock. The makeup breakup cool cleansing oil is my staple for removing a long days face of makeup. It doesn't tug our pull on the skin like many other oil cleansers out there do. I have yet to try the tsubaki exfoliating powder, and the purifying cleansing gel. ( reviews later ;) ) Then there's the konjac sponge. I really don't use this sponge alone, although I do make it apart of my cleansing routine. Contrary to what it seems it may feel like through pictures, it's fairly soft. A little too soft for me really. I still like to use it as my first wash after removing my makeup. Then I use my clarisonic right after to finish the job. I've read great reviews about it evening the skin tone due to the konjac root that is infused in it. I have yet to notice a difference. I'll give it a while though. Who knows.

Benefit's Blended with Benefit kit

This kit comes with two beauty blenders. A pink one and a "white"one, but it looks more like a cream color to me. I have a beauty blender already, and I love it! It's super fast, and easy and provides an airbrushed finish in literally, like, 2 seconds. The egg shape helps it to work around the crevices of your face. Eyes, nose, jaw, etc. Next it comes with a POREfessional primer. One of my favorites, but I still love my smashbox. I think I love both equally honestly. It's good stuff. Last but not least is the classic staple benetint. I think any and every women , whether rookie or veteran should have this. It's very versatile and easy to use, all while producing a completely natural look. You can sheer it out, or build it up for a more dramatic finish. Get it, you'll love it, the end.

Phewwwwwwwwwww! Goodness, I feel like I've written a book! But, I hope it was detailed enough to give enough info on your purchasing decision. The sale of course is over by now, but many things ate sick available for grabs (I hope). Let me know what you got, what you didn't get, and what you think I should get! And don't forget to share!

Konjac Sponge (Dry)

Sunday, April 19, 2015

My Favs! Urban Decay

Really though, the description on the B6 bottle is the truth. This truly is that it really is that one thing you don't think you need until you try it. It has definitely improved the size of my pores, evened out my skin tone and controlled much of the oiliness of my skin. Another plus is the refreshing minty feeling you feel once you spritz it onto your skin. Some people claim they don't notice a difference, not everything works for everybody. *shrug*but, it works for me.

I decided I'd get the naked 3 eye pencil  duo. I noticed how nice blackheart looked on a co-worker and realized...I.NEEEDDD. Probably don't need, but definitely want.So I got it.

24/7 liquid liner in siren was on sale, and I honestly, I used it as a filler item so I could get free shipping. Ha! But I love it! I like to pair it with a black liner and have a double liner look.

And then of course there are the samples. I got some naked skin samples. None of which are in my skin tone so I just throw them into my kit for clients when duty calls for it, or I just simply give them away. I received the All Nighter spray which is another must have as it really does help to seal in your makeup making it last through monsoons and things of that nature.

If you plan on copping something from this list, try the B6! Hopefully out works for you! :) :*

Left to right: Blackheart, Siren, Darkside

Too Faced Chocolate Bar FOTD

It's been rainy all week. No lie. I've been having my hair on fleek, and makeup on fleek, just trying to be extra fleeky this week. (Ha! That rhymes!) But....I can't do it with this rain. So anywho, I've been doing an afro this week since its easier to keep up with during crazy rainy days as these. But to no avail, my burtiful bantu knot twists became a frizzball mess. Whatever! At least my makeup remained on point (with my greasy face and all).

Products used today are *drum roll puhlllezzz*

Face: Kat Von D lock it tattoo foundation in 66, NYX wonderstick contour and highlight in deep.
Cheeks: Nars Orgasm
Lips: Urban Decay Sheer Revolution in LadyFlower
Eyes: UD primer potion,
NYX jumbo pencil in rust as base. Too faced salted caramel as a blending shade MAC Brown script as a transition shade. Too Faced Chocolate Bar Cherry Cordial ( inner & outer corners, blended crease) Amaretto center lid.

Hope you enjoy! Follow my blog and comment below of you yay or nay!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

EOTD Sugarpill "Burning Heart"

Created this wonderful look using SugarPill's Burning Heart Palette. Wanna recreate this look? Products are listed below! :-)

Lid: Love +
Blending shade in crease: MAC Rule
Crease: Flamepoint
Crease/Highlight: Buttercupcake
Outer corner: Poison Plum

I prepped my lid with Urban Decay's primer potion, and used NYX jumbo eye pencil in cherry to intensify the red.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Milani Illuminating Face Powder in Amber Nectar & Hermosa Rose

Good day to you! I just received these in the mail yesterday. Welp, I've always used this product, but this is my first time trying the hermosa rose.

I only took a picture of these two because I just got them and didn't feel like digging for the other one actually(my bad) but if I remember, I'll definitely post the face powder in beautys touch.

Hermosa Rose is a really nice warm-taupey-bronze. It seems like it would fair well with most skin tones as it has a very subtle sheen.

Amber Nectar is my favowitttt! I get the most use from this one because it has a beautiful peachy golden sheen that truly does make you look lit from within. This highlighter photographs PERFECTLY in all of my photos. It doesn't look like I'm wearing any highlighter. My skin just looks flawless and dewy.

These powders are best applied with a dense face brush, preferably a synthetic kabuki brush(in my opinion). It's a pretty "hard"powder, and natural bristles, wouldn't be able to pick up enough product to be able to buff and blend for a seamless finish. They can be applied to the tops of the cheeks, bridge of the nose,cupids bow, and chin. In cases of the fairer skin tones, these can be used as a blush as well.

Comment below if you've tried ! How was your experience? Would you buy again?

Friday, April 3, 2015

Mini Ulta Haul

So I must admit that I'm a little addicted to Benefit's new Roller Lash mascara. You remember mortal combat? And when you're about to beat down your opponent and that voice yells, "Come herrrreeeee!" Yeah, thats what this brush does to my lashes, I swear. It grabs every lash, almost forcefully, but in a good way. Im already a big fan of Benefit's They're Real, but this just miiight become my new fave.

Furthermore, I went along to get some brand new goodies I've never tried, and restock a couple of my other favorites. My restock items are the NYX Mineral Matte Finishing Powder, and the NYX Wonder Pencil. I love the NYX mineral powder to set my foundation. Its VERY finely milled, applies evenly, and leaves no pasty caste that most mineral setting powders leave. I use the color medium dark, (I think). Then my next restock is the wonder pencil. I love this pencil because its very multi purpose. You can use it to highlight your brows, or highlight other smaller areas of the face such as your cupid's bow, etc.

Some new things I picked up were the NYX Satin Finish Black Liner and the NYX Matte Liquid Liner, along with NYX A Push Up Bra For Your Eyebrows, and NYX highlight and contour WonderStick. The satin liner applies wonderfully to the lash line. Gives a slight sheen and doesn't tug or pull. It does not work too well on your waterline though :/. It just doesn't stick or apply evenly. The Push up bra is what it says it is, hahaha. I dont think I'll get much use from the brow pencil side, unless I'm in a huge hurry. The pink higlighter blends wonderfully. It's not chalky or pasty looking. Lastly, the Wonderstick. I side of it, hahaha. I love the darker contour. Its blendable and not too dark, light, red, beige. It's a perfect warm brown for my skintone.As for the highlight, there isn't anything wrong with it per say. I was just expecting it to be less sheer. I felt I had to layer it in order the get the result I wanted. Nothing wrong with it, just more work.

Planning on getting any of these? Let me know how they work out for you, as I just might be crazy and not know what I'm talking about. :P

Loves & Besos! Xoxoxoxo